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We are based in Worthing and cover Salvington, Tarring, West Worthing, Goring by Sea, Broadwater, Durrington, Cote, High Salvington, Findon Valley, East, Worthing and Offington. With over a decade of experience, we have worked on thousands of sash windows in Worthing, East Sussex.


Are you looking for a reliable sash window company in Worthing?

Sash Windows Worthing is a specialist wooden sash window company based in (the beautiful town of) Worthing, West Sussex! We have years of experience in installing and repairing sash windows and our team of expert fitters will ensure that you get a quality service each and every time. We don't just stop there; we also offer a full range of sash window maintenance services, so you never have to worry about a thing! So, if you're looking for a reliable, trustworthy sash window company in Worthing, West Sussex, look no further than Sash Windows Worthing!


At Sash Windows Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of services for sash windows, from repairs and restoration of existing sash windows, to custom-made new installations! We cover Worthing and the rest of West Sussex, so no matter what your sash window requirements are, you can rely on us to get the job done to a high standard. (We even do those tricky jobs that no one else wants to do!) Our experienced team can help you create the perfect sash window solution for your home - and all at unbeatable prices! So, why not give us a call today and see what we can do for you? You won't be disappointed!

Our team of expert artisans have an abundance of knowledge about all varieties of sash windows and take great pride in offering superior craftsmanship and bringing your windows back to life! Whether it's a small fix or a full replacement, we're your one-stop solution (no matter the size of the job!) and are always happy to suggest the most suitable course of action for your property. We're based in Worthing, West Sussex, and provide services throughout the region! Don't hesitate to get in touch - we can't wait to hear from you!


Our Wide Variety Of High-Quality Sash Windows

Our wide selection of top-notch sash windows is ideal for any home! With a range of styles and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect window for your abode. Crafted from the finest materials, our windows are designed to last! Plus, we offer a variety of features to customize your window to fit your needs (no matter what they may be!). So, don't hesitate - check out our selection today! Based in Worthing, West Sussex, we're here to help you bring your dream window to life!

New Sash

Looking to revamp your home? Our new sash windows are the perfect way to do just that! Not only do they look great, they'll also make your property more energy-efficient. With a range of styles, materials and sizes to choose from – including traditional timber sash windows and modern double-glazed options – you're sure to find something to suit your taste. Plus, if you're in Brighton or Worthing, West Sussex, we can help! We pride ourselves on offering top-quality products, unbeatable service, and competitive prices – all with a smile! So why wait? Get in touch today and give your home a makeover!

Sash Windows

At Sash Windows Worthing, we provide a comprehensive sash window replacement service; from the initial measuring, to installation and aftercare. When your box frame reaches the point of no economical repair, the best long-term solution is to replace both the frame and the sashes.We can replace your existing windows with like-for-like units that match the original design, or upgrade them to double-glazed units for improved energy efficiency (and cost savings!). We also offer a bespoke service, so if you require something specific, we can help! With years of experience in West Sussex, you can trust us to provide a quality service!

Sash windows

Sash Windows

If you're in need of sash window restoration in Worthing, West Sussex, we can help! We offer a complete service, including stripping down existing windows, repairing any damage, then repainting or staining to match your décor (without compromising the architectural design of your home!) We'll even replace any missing or damaged parts of your casement window! Don't hesitate - get in touch with us today and let us restore your sash windows to their former glory!

Sash Windows

Sash window repair in Worthing, West Sussex, is a great way to restore your timber sash windows to their former glory! Whether you need to double-glaze them or install a new draught-proofing system, we can help. Don't hesitate to get in touch - we've got the experience and expertise you need! (Plus, we offer a fantastic service, too!) Not only do we know all there is to know about sash window repairs, but we'll also provide you with the best advice on how to keep your windows in top condition. Don't wait any longer - contact us today to get your windows repaired and looking fantastic!

Sash windows

Double Glazed
Sash Windows

For improved energy efficiency, our double glazing upgrade service for sash windows is ideal! We'll replace existing single-glazed panes with new, double-glazed units - even on heritage windows, using traditional methods and materials. So, if you're based in Worthing or anywhere in West Sussex, you can benefit from our expertise! We won't let you down!

Sash Windows

If you're looking for something specific, we offer a bespoke sash window service! Our experienced craftsmen in Worthing, West Sussex, can create whatever you need, tailored perfectly to your desired style and material. We guarantee you won't be disappointed! (Trust us, we won't let you down!)

Sash Windows

If you're looking to breathe new life into your sash windows without having to replace them altogether, our refurbishment service is the perfect solution! We'll sand down the existing frames and repaint or stain them to perfectly match your existing décor,as well as replace any missing or broken parts. (Plus, we're based in Worthing, West Sussex, so you won't have to worry about us being too far away!) No matter the job, we've got it covered - so why not get in touch today and let us take care of it for you!

Sash Windows

Do you live in a noisy area, or just want to reduce the amount of sound entering your home? Then, our soundproofing upgrade for your original sash windows is perfect! We'll add new seals around the edges of the window panes, plus thicker glass (for extra soundproofing). Worthing, West Sussex - we've got you covered! Don't worry - no need for heavy-duty construction work - just a few small adjustments and you're good to go! So, why wait? Get the peace and quiet you deserve today!

Sash Windows

Our experienced craftsmen in Worthing, West Sussex take pride in restoring your historic sash windows to their former glory! From repair work of sashes, sash cords and locks, to draught-proofing and secondary glazing; we'll do it all - and in some cases, even new joinery may be required. No job is too big or too small for us, so don't hesitate to get in touch! We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Sash Windows Installation

Our team of experienced installers offer a complete installation service for all our sash windows - from delivery to fitting! We guarantee that your windows will be fitted to the highest standard and that they comply with the relevant West Sussex building regulations. So, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands with us in Worthing!

Sash Windows Fitters

Our team of expert fitters will make sure your sash windows or French doors in Worthing, West Sussex, are installed quickly and efficiently to meet all necessary building regulations. Once they've completed, they'll give you the once-over to ensure everything is perfect!No job is too big or small for us and with years of experience, you can rest easy that your windows and doors will be installed to the highest quality.

Our Timber Sash Window Styles

At Sash Windows Worthing, we have a variety of timber sash window styles to suit any home - from traditional to contemporary - so you can find exactly the right style to suit your taste! Our original sash windows are crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to last a lifetime, with a wide range of options available, like single, double and triple glazed windows. So, you can be sure to find the perfect window for your home! (And with us being based in West Sussex, you know you're in safe hands.)

Sash windows

Edwardian Sash Windows Brighton

Edwardian sash windows are a beautiful, unique addition to any home. Crafted from wood, these windows boast intricate designs and add a certain character and charm to any space. Brighton has many historic homes with these stunningly beautiful windows, and it's no wonder why people in Worthing and West Sussex are so fond of them! Not only do they look great, but they also provide excellent insulation and ventilation! (Plus, they require very little maintenance!) What's not to love?

Sash windows

Georgian Sash Windows Brighton

Discover the beautiful, traditional look of Georgian sash windows, perfect for adding a touch of class to any property in Brighton, Worthing or West Sussex! These windows are made of wood, with numerous small panes of glass, usually in a white or light colour for a bright, airy feel. (Don't forget!) They can be a great addition to any home, adding a stylish, timeless look. You won't regret it!

Sash windows

Victorian Sash Windows Brighton

Sash windows have been around since the 1600s, and they were a major hit during the Victorian era! They remain a popular choice for homes today, especially in conservation areas and historic places like Brighton (in Hove and West Sussex). With a Victorian sash window, you get one or more movable panels (or "sashes"), which open and close as you need. So, if you live in an area where conservation matters, and you want a window that works for you, this is definitely the option to go for!

Sash windows

Traditional Sash Windows Brighton

Nothing quite says 'refinement and elegance' like traditional sash windows! With their unique system of lead weights and cords, these windows enable two sashes of glass to glide downwards in their specially-cut grooves. Here at our Worthing branch in West Sussex, we offer a comprehensive selection of sash windows to suit any property. What's more, our friendly, professional team are always available to answer any queries you may have!

Our Sash Windows Glazing Options In Hove

At Hove Windows, we offer a range of glazing solutions tailored to your needs, including single, double and triple glazing. Whether you're looking to increase energy efficiency, reduce noise levels, or simply give your home a new look, we've got the perfect option for you! Our popular choices include: Worthing and West Sussex. (And beyond!)

Sash windows

Double Glazing

Sash windows, with their two panes of glass separated by a gap filled with air or gas, can be double-glazed to make them more energy-efficient and help keep noise levels down. Installing a draught-proofing system in your double-glazed sash windows in Worthing, West Sussex, can also help keep out chilly air and lower your heating bills! Plus, with our experience and expertise, you can be sure that you won't be disappointed!

Sash windows

Triple Glazing

If you're on the search for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, triple-glazed sash windows are a brilliant option! Boasting three panes of glass instead of two, these windows can help keep the heat in on those chilly winter nights and out on those hot summer days - all while slashing your heating and cooling bills (and making your home a cosy place to be, all year round!).

Sash windows

What Are The Benefits of Sash Windows?

Discover the many advantages of installing sash windows in your home or period properties in Worthing and West Sussex! From increased ventilation and improved security, to increased property value and enhanced aesthetics - there's no denying the benefits of sash windows! Not only do they add a touch of charm to any property, they also offer a range of practical advantages - such as better insulation - that'll save you money in the long run! Plus, they're easy to maintain, with regular cleaning and lubrication of the sash cords helping to keep them in top condition! So, what are you waiting for? Invest in sash windows today, and reap the rewards for years to come!


Sash windows are more energy efficient

Sash windows are the perfect choice if you're looking to make your home more energy efficient! Thanks to their sealant around the perimeter, they help keep the heat in, making a massive difference to your energy bills (especially in Worthing or West Sussex). And not only are you saving money, you're also reducing your carbon footprint! What's not to love?!

Sash windows are easy to clean

Sash windows in Worthing make it simple to clean them from the inside, so you won't have to pay a professional window cleaner! This can save you a lot of time and money (not to mention hassle!) in the long run. In West Sussex, you can do it yourself in no time at all - no need for help from outside! What's more, you won't have to worry about the quality of the job - you can be sure it's done right! So, why not give it a go? You won't regret it!

Sash windows add a touch of elegance

Sash windows are an ideal way to add a timeless elegance and style to your home - whether it be traditional or modern! With their ability to be customised to suit your individual needs and tastes, sash windows are the perfect choice for anyone in Worthing, West Sussex. What's more, they can be used in conjunction with other window styles, such as casement windows, to create a truly unique look for your abode! (Plus, they look great too!) So, why not make your home stand out with sash windows - you won't regret it!

Sash windows are very durable

Sash windows are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance; thanks to their strong materials that won't rot, warp or deteriorate over time! In the unlikely event that the sashes become damaged, they can be easily replaced too - so you won't need to worry about costly repair bills! If you live in Worthing, West Sussex, why not take advantage of our sash window expertise? We guarantee our work, so you won't be disappointed (or out of pocket!). Get in touch today - what are you waiting for?!

Sash windows can be opened fully

Sash windows offer great ventilation and airflow in the home, not to mention the ability to open fully or partially - giving you total control! Plus, they can be tilted inward for easy cleaning - a real bonus! Here in Worthing, West Sussex, we've seen a real surge in popularity for sash windows - and why not?! They look great, last for ages and provide a level of convenience you simply can't ignore!

I had my windows replaced by Arthur's company and I'm absolutely delighted with the results! The job was done quickly and efficiently, and the end product looks stunning (in my opinion!). Having used Arthur's business in Worthing (West Sussex) to carry out the job, I can confidently say that I would highly recommend them for any window replacement needs you may have! Their service was fantastic, and the fact that there were no delays or issues whatsoever just goes to show how experienced and professional they are. I'm so pleased I chose them!

Discover Westbourne Grove, Worthing, West Sussex! Located near the centre of this vibrant seaside town, it's the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds - great shopping, dining and entertainment, combined with a stunning beach-side setting. From independent boutiques to high-street favourites, you'll find something for everyone! With a variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, you won't be stuck for choice. And, don't forget the beautiful beach, a great place to relax and unwind. So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore Westbourne Grove today - you won't regret it!

Arthur did an incredible job replacing all the glass in my sash windows and draught-proofing them in one go! The results are amazing; not only do the windows look fantastic, but I can already feel the difference in temperature in my home (it's warmer!). If you're in Worthing (in West Sussex) and want to improve the look and efficiency of your windows, I highly recommend you get in touch with Arthur - you won't regret it!

Come and explore Kingsway, Worthing, and find your dream home in West Sussex! With Alex as your real estate agent, you're sure to find a property that suits you perfectly - no matter what you're looking for! With an abundance of stunning homes and a wealth of local amenities, it's the perfect place to start your search.

Let Alex take the stress out of the process, and make your home-buying journey a breeze. With years of experience, Alex knows the ins and outs of the local market and can provide you with the best advice to help you make the right decision. And if you have any questions, she's always there to answer them! So don't hesitate - get in touch today and let Alex make your dream home a reality!

Arthur did an amazing job with the repair and improvement of my sash windows at my home in Worthing, West Sussex. He trouble-shot (and fixed!) all the problems and made some great enhancements to their look and performance. I am absolutely delighted with his work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing help with their sash windows in the area!

Sash windows

Why Choose Us Sash Windows Worthing

Sash Sash Windows Worthing is a West Sussex-based biz and is the expert in Sash Window Installers in Worthing. You won't find any better! There're plenty of great reasons to choose us for all your sash window needs; including:

ECO-Friendly Timber

The choice to go for eco-friendly timber sash windows is undeniable! Not only is it a renewable resource (which makes it an incredibly eco-friendly choice) but it's also strong and durable enough to last for many years. Plus, it's a great natural insulator, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer - what more could you ask for? Even better, if you live in Worthing, West Sussex, you'll be able to take advantage of our great offers on eco-friendly timber sash windows! Don't delay - get yours today!

Outstanding Quality

At (Worthing) Sash Windows, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our products. Our highly-skilled team of craftsmen use only the finest materials, guaranteeing that your windows will stand the test of time. Plus, we offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our products, so you can be sure you're making a wise investment when you choose us! We're based in West Sussex and have been providing high-quality sash windows for years - you won't be disappointed!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Sash Windows Worthing, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction guarantee! We're dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible - no exceptions! We believe that our customers should be 100% satisfied with their purchase, and we'll do everything we can to make that happen. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we'll do our utmost to make it right!

The Hove Sash Window Experts

At Sash Window Worthing, we've over 25yrs experience in installing and repairing sash windows! Our passion is giving customers the highest quality products and services. We offer a huge range of services, including installing, repairing, replacing and maintenance. Plus, plenty of customization options so you can find the perfect sash windows for your home! (No matter where in West Sussex you are!) We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Sash windows

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long has Sash Windows Worthing been in business?

Well, we've been providing our professional services throughout West Sussex for over 25 years now! And during that time, we've become one of the leading suppliers of sash windows in the region – something we're really proud of. We're committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, and our team of experienced experts are always on hand to offer advice and assistance. So, if you're looking for a reliable, reputable company to help with your sash window needs, then look no further than Sash Windows Worthing!

For more than 10 years, Sash Windows Worthing has been a family-run business with a strong focus on customer service and superior workmanship. We specialise in the repair, restoration and replacement of sash windows, and boast a wealth of experience in this area! Our base is in Worthing, West Sussex. At Sash Windows Worthing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering a first-class service to all our customers - no job is too big or too small! We understand that your windows are an important part of your home and we'll ensure they're taken care of with the utmost care and attention. So, if you're looking for quality sash window repairs, restoration or replacement, look no further than Sash Windows Worthing!

What geographical areas does Sash Windows Worthing cover?

We provide our services throughout West Sussex and beyond! Our experienced team can travel to any location in the area, so don't hesitate to get in touch! We're proud to bring our expertise to homes and businesses in Worthing and the surrounding areas (including Eastbourne, Hastings, and Brighton). Our sash window installations are second to none, and we're sure you'll be delighted with the results! So don't wait - contact us today and see what Sash Windows Worthing can do for you!

Sash Windows Worthing covers a wide geographical area, stretching far beyond East and West Sussex! From London to Scotland, we have a strong presence in the South of England and serve customers further afield too! Don't miss out - let us take care of all your window needs!

Our team of experienced craftsmen(!) have been providing bespoke sash windows to meet our customers' individual needs and requirements - no matter where they are located! We are proud to offer a high-quality service to everyone, no matter if they are in Worthing, West Sussex or elsewhere! We make sure to always deliver top-notch results, regardless of location - you won't be disappointed!

Are you in Worthing, West Sussex and in need of sash window repair?

Look no further than our expert team! We provide a comprehensive repair service for all types of sash windows, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution. Our team boasts years of experience in the industry, so you can trust that we have the necessary know-how to fix your issue quickly and with minimal hassle. Plus, our prices are highly competitive, so you won't be breaking the bank! Don't suffer with broken sash windows any longer - contact our team today and put your mind at ease!

Introducing our luxurious double glazed sash windows, perfect for homes in Worthing, West Sussex! Our experienced team have been installing these windows for (decades!), with no job too big or small. With our high-quality windows, you'll be able to enjoy energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution and increase the value of your property. Not to mention the improved security and style you'll get – there's no better way to make your home stand out from the rest! With us, you won't have to worry about any nasty surprises – we guarantee great results every time! So why not give us a call today to experience the luxury of double glazed sash windows!

For a truly unique look for your home, why not try our bespoke sash windows in Worthing, West Sussex?

Our experienced team are dedicated to creating a window that perfectly suits your requirements and offers a beautiful, timeless appearance that you'll love for years to come! With a range of options and materials to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your style. Plus, our sash windows come with a comprehensive guarantee, so you can rest assured they're built to last! So why not get in touch today, and let us help you create the perfect sash window for your property!

If you're looking for experienced sash window fitters in Worthing, West Sussex, then you've come to the right place! We have years of experience in fitting sash windows and providing a first-class service. We don't just fit sash windows, we also provide repairs, maintenance and restoration services. Our team of experts have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your sash windows are installed with precision and care. You won't find a better team of fitters in the area! We guarantee that our work will be of the highest quality, and that you'll be completely satisfied with the results. So don't hesitate - get in touch today!

Sash window restoration in Worthing, West Sussex! We specialize in the restoration of sash windows, ensuring they look as good as new, whilst retaining the charm of the original. Our experienced team of professionals can restore your sash windows with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. We can also provide draught-proofing and double-glazing, so your windows will look good and save you money on your energy bills. Don't waste your time and money on a full replacement - let us restore your windows to their former glory! Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Are you looking to spruce up those sash windows in your home or business?

With years of experience in the trade, we can help you transform your windows and make your property look amazing!We offer a comprehensive refurbishment service for sash windows, with no job too big or too small. We'll come to you, assess the job and give you an honest, accurate quote - no surprise charges! And, we guarantee all our work, so you know you're in safe hands.We're experts in our field, so you can be sure of a great job when you choose us! Whether it's minor repairs, complete replacements or just a touch-up, we'll get the job done right. Plus, we can also provide full double-glazing services at competitive prices.

Soundproofing sash windows in Worthing, West Sussex is a great way to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in any property! Not only will it block out the noise from outside, but it will also keep the warm air inside during the colder months. By installing soundproofing sash windows, you can protect yourself from the loud noises of the outside world and create a tranquil environment in your home! (Plus, you won't have to worry about rising energy costs!) With our professional team of experts, you can be sure that your sash windows will be soundproofed to the highest quality. So, don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you create a peaceful atmosphere in your home - no more noisy neighbours spoiling the peace and quiet!

Looking for a reliable sash window renovation service in Worthing, West Sussex?

Look no further! At Sash Windows Renovation, we have over 20 years of experience in restoring and transforming sash windows to their former glory. We provide a comprehensive service, from repairs to complete refurbishments. Our team of professionals is dedicated to giving our customers a service they can depend on! We guarantee quality workmanship and excellent customer service - you won't be disappointed! So, if you're looking to give your windows a makeover, why not give us a shout? We're confident that we can help you get the results you're looking for!

Sash windows (type) are the perfect choice for any property in Worthing and West Sussex! An experienced window contractor can help you create a unique and beautiful design to enhance your home. With a variety of styles, colours, and textures to choose from, you'll be sure to find something to suit your taste. Not to mention, these windows are energy efficient and great for soundproofing, making them a cost-effective solution! We guarantee you won't be disappointed - sash windows are definitely worth considering!

Heritage Sash Windows, in Worthing, West Sussex, are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their home! With over 20 years' experience in the trade, we offer a range of exquisite, high-quality sash windows that won't break the bank. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you to find the perfect window to suit your needs - whether you're restoring a period property or modernising your home. With a range of styles, sizes and colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect sash window to complement your home. So, don't wait - call us today and discover why we're the go-to sash window experts in Worthing and the surrounding area!

Timber sash windows have been a popular choice for West Sussex homes for generations. Whether you live in Worthing or nearby, there's no denying the charm and elegance they bring to a property. And with modern improvements, they're increasingly becoming more reliable, secure and energy-efficient!

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Bringing new life to your existing sashes has never been easier with Sash Windows Worthing! Our specialist expertise in constructing and renovating period sash windows is unparalleled, and we offer a free survey and advice on all aspects of our products and services – with no obligation! So, why not give us a ring today – you won't regret it! We promise a professional, friendly service and with years of experience, you can be sure you're in safe hands.

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